• Achieve cost savings and turn your suppliers into cost-cutting allies
  • Increase your leverage in single source negotiations
  • Engage effectively in strategic and tactical supplier negotiations and maximize the profitability of your supply chain agreements
  • Drive innovation and mitigate risks through effective relationship management
  • Build deep supplier relationships and gain competitive advantage through collaborative supplier negotiations and joint problem solving
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The very nature of procurement has changed dramatically and effective supplier negotiations have become critical to managing key supplier relationships and implementing cost reduction and profit improvement plans. To be successful in today’s dynamic business environment, procurement professionals require new skills and an effective real-time process to: achieve value for money from all transactions with suppliers, maximize the value they create as they negotiate, capture that value in a deal, avoid costly concessions in the buying process, and effectively manage price, TCO and supplier relationships. This calls for capabilities that go far beyond a typical approach traditionally deployed to secure just the lowest price.

If you seek to capture maximum value from all your supplier negotiations, optimize the overall return on your investments and assets, and most importantly improve net income and the corporate competitiveness, then you should equip your procurement team with best-in-class negotiation and supplier management strategies, techniques, and tools. Procurement Negotiation Academy is a cutting-edge, practical and comprehensive program developed for procurement teams as a result of over 15 years of negotiation and consulting experience gained in a high-pressure, volatile and demanding business environment across 35 countries.


Procurement Negotiation Academy isn’t just training; it’s an integrated change system designed to accelerate your performance and improve your negotiated results. It draws on the most recent scientific and psychological advances and peak performance strategies, as well as best and leading negotiation and procurement practices. We combine our knowledge of what is required to be a world-class negotiator with learning and development strategies that guarantee sustainable changes and performance improvements.

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The Procurement Negotiation Academy has been designed to create peak-performing procurement teams and  is appropriate for:

• Procurement Managers

• Purchasing Managers

• Procurement Buyers

• Contract Managers

• Senior Buyers

• Buying Managers

• Buying Officers

• Category Managers

• Sourcing Managers

• Supply Chain Managers

• Procurement Officers

• Purchasing Agents

• Chief Procurement Officers

• Directors of Operations

And everyone involved in initiatives to deliver savings or value from supply contracts and managing project spend.



Procurement Negotiation Academy incorporates a number of activities to meet individual training needs, establish specific goals and apply proven action plans to support your team’s growth. It has been structured in such a way as to enhance procurement negotiation skills in the way that will best suit your team’s needs, availability and time.


The first step in enhancing the negotiation capabilities of any team or organization is to assess current negotiation performance. In advance of the training program delivery, we conduct an individual and organizational capability assessment.


In addition to completing the ONCA survey, all participants will be asked to complete two online surveys which will enable us to provide detailed individual feedback regarding their negotiation behavior, strengths, weaknesses and areas for development. Delegates are debriefed during training and provided with their own detailed, hard copy profile reports.


The 3-day workshop is packed with practical knowledge, exercises, videotaped negotiation simulations and individual coaching. Most importantly your people will be walking away with their own copy of the BNA Negotiation Preparation & Engagement Checklist to support their very next supplier engagement.


The truth is that you can’t build a muscle in a day or even a week. Only with total and continuous immersion, quality coaching and consistent repetition, can one optimize learning experience and achieve lasting results. The online training is designed to develop your team’s negotiation capabilities even further, which will help them maintain momentum and re-energize their commitment towards achieving business and personal development goals.

The 3-day workshop and the online modules will be customized to address your specific challenges and meet business objectives, and they typically includes some of the following:

The Negotiator’s Game-Plan – Tools & Processes for Effective Negotiation Preparation & Engagement

The Negotiator’s Game-Plan – Tools & Processes for Effective Negotiation Preparation & Engagement

The Negotiator’s Game-Plan is the ultimate guide to help your people gain a good understanding of the entire negotiation landscape so they can thoroughly assess, at any given time, where they are and the best route towards their negotiation objectives, with each step addressing the four major questions:

  • WHAT do I want and need?
  • WHERE and HOW do I start?
  • HOW and WHEN do I move?
  • WHEN and HOW do I conclude?
Concession Strategy Planning - The BNA Negotiation Chessboard

Concession Strategy Planning – The BNA Negotiation Chessboard

Most negotiators give away too much too soon in negotiations. High performers plan concessions in advance and make trades to exchange value. Knowing how to manage this process effectively in order to set things up for the final agreement is an essential element in a negotiating game-plan. It’s not something you should leave to chance. This module provides a practical framework and tools for:

  • Planning an effective concession strategy
  • Managing the concession pattern
  • Responding to a counteroffer
  • Designing Multiple Equal Offers
Applying Financial Tools to Negotiation_Cost and Price Analysis

Applying Financial Tools to Negotiation: Cost & Price Analysis & Business Acumen

Applying financial tools to negotiation is critical in order to evaluate the costs and benefits associated with the deal. When purchasing goods or services, the task is to determine which supplier provides the best value for money. It includes judgments about a range of non-cost factors related to the supplier and the functionality of the goods or services offered. Understanding the TCO and Value for Money concepts empowers procurement teams to make sure that supply contracts deliver not only initial cost reductions, but real and sustainable cost savings. We’ll work with your team to help them turn your suppliers into cost-cutting allies.

How to Negotiate with Powerful Suppliers

How to Negotiate with Powerful Suppliers – Strategies for Single Source & Sole Supplier Negotiations

In some industries, the balance of power has shifted from buyers to suppliers, and procurement organizations that have gotten into a weak position need to approach the situation strategically. They can no longer rely on hard negotiations. By implementing two key solutions, CNA Analysis and Value Leverage Analysis, your team will be able to position themselves more powerfully than ever before, negotiate smarter and ultimately achieve more opportunities.

Procurement Negotiation Strategies & Techniques

Procurement Negotiation Strategies & Techniques

Procurement Negotiation Academy is about giving your people the ability to predict and prepare for any challenges that they may face during negotiations. We know that looking at negotiation as a sequence of negotiation gambits, offers and counter-offers and concessions is no longer effective. To be successful, negotiators need new tools and robust processes to optimize time, effort and money invested in making deals, maximize the value they create as they negotiate, and consequently capture that value in a transaction. They need tools to create measurable business value throughout the lifecycle of interactions with suppliers. Our methodology is not about helping you create a temporary advantage; it is about providing you with sustainable leverage and enabling well-informed decisions in the process. We will empower your team with breakthrough negotiation techniques and tools for:

  • Leveraging a process-driven approach for tactical and strategic negotiations
  • Joint Problem Solving
  • Building negotiation leverage and negotiating effectively from a position of weakness
  • Responding to a counteroffer
  • Deploying and countering commercial negotiation tactics
  • Developing fit-for-purpose negotiation strategies
  • Generating and assessing creative solutions through negotiation analysis and behavioral decision making

Negotiation Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People, Situations & Joint Problem Solving

Difficult, aggressive counterparts, conflict, impasse, stalemates, and objections are inevitable in negotiations. What strategy works best, and how can you negotiate successfully with irrational and difficult people? What is the most effective approach when negotiations get ugly? The first step is to control your behavior and do the opposite of what your counterpart may expect from you.

What’s next? How do you overcome your counterpart’s resistance? Should you even try? There is a more effective approach: it’s about helping your counterparts break through resistance themselves. It requires a simple yet powerful strategy and an easy-to-follow process that we will share with you. The process itself is not enough, though. You need to know what to say and how to say it every step of the way. Our ultimate objective is for you to become a Complete Negotiator; hence we’ll provide you with scripts and techniques to turn the tables, disarm your counterpart and move the conversation from a face-to-face confrontation to a side-by-side collaboration. Throughout the program, your team will learn:

  • How to recognize and defuse hard, manipulative tactics
  • How to ask questions to which your counterpart can’t say ‘no’
  • How to exercise the greatest power you have as a negotiator – the power to reframe the game
  • How to deal with impasse, deadlocks and stalemates
Negotiation SWOT Analysis & POWER Matrix

Negotiation SWOT Analysis & POWER Matrix

Managing Power in Negotiation – the SWOT & POWER matrix tool is used to diminish potential weaknesses by using strengths to focus on opportunities and value-creating options. This, in turn, overcomes threats. Winning in negotiation starts by thinking like an insider in the supplier’s organization. If you can figure out the needs and business drivers of your suppliers, where they see the greatest opportunity for growth (or the greatest threat), you become part of their team. This module provides tools and strategies that address two important questions:

  • What are effective negotiators doing to maximize their power in preparation for the negotiation?
  • What are successful negotiators doing to affect the power balance at the negotiating table?
Negotiation Analysis & Decision Making

Negotiation Analysis & Decision Making

Making smart choices is a fundamental skill at the negotiation table as our decisions shape the ultimate outcome.

This module offers a straightforward, easy-to-follow process designed to improve the way negotiators make decisions. The BNA decision-making framework combines solid research with practical experience and common sense to help procurement negotiators specify their objectives, identify creative alternatives, make reasonable tradeoffs, clarify uncertainties, and evaluate the risks.

Your procurement team will be provided with an easy to use set of techniques for assessing their situation and options more clearly and effectively, ultimately empowering them to make smarter choices.

Negotiating Across Cultures

Negotiating Across Cultures

Global sourcing is a part of everyday business for many procurement organizations, and cross-cultural negotiation has become increasingly important to bottom-line profitability. Negotiating goals, protocols, communications, risk-taking propensity, view of time, decision-making systems, and personal styles, all add to the complexity. Failure to develop the skills to effectively negotiate and communicate with suppliers across cultures can leave your organization exposed to the risk of:

  • Jeopardizing the achievement of cost containment and profit-improvement targets
  • Increased resources and financial costs associated with the management of contracts and variance to contracts – often resulting in disputes and litigation costs
  • Losing a long-term competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Overpaying suppliers for goods, services, and products

We will help you to strengthen your competitive advantage by equipping your team with strategies and a checklist for anticipating, diagnosing and determining how to deal with differences that impact your global and cross-cultural negotiations.

Persuasion & Social Influence Strategies

You want someone to do something different from what they are doing now. You want someone to say yes to you, now. How do you persuade another person to follow your recommendations? What is it that makes people tick? We will look at anchoring, framing, language patterns, principles of persuasion and influence, pacing and leading techniques, and modern persuasion strategies designed to shift resistance, focus people on your goals, and generally steer conversations in any direction you want them to go in. Language patterns are one of the most pervasively useful areas of communication because anytime you speak, your choice of words makes a tremendous impact. This unique module will equip your team with the same techniques that many of the greatest negotiators, salespeople, political leaders and executives use instinctively. The objective is to give your people specific, concrete and usable skills and the bottom line is the time, money and frustration it will save them – day in and day out.

BNA Tools & Templates – the BNA Procurement Negotiation Toolkit

Extraordinary results are not achieved by willpower or mere ‘motivation’, but by using the tools and information that we will give your team to obtain a competitive edge. One of our primary objectives is to provide your people with the much needed momentum that is usually lacking after training engagements. With the BNA Procurement Negotiation Toolkit on their desk, they will have a tool for daily use to help successfully prepare for and engage in their supplier negotiations.

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Kathleen Leonard – North America VP, NGA HR

We have already achieved significant results: Cost savings for Implementation and Operations in not over delivering on the contract, revenue opportunities in SR as we will not give everything away and/or make customers pay for any delays. Significant improvements in negotiating change requests. Fewer concessions. Improved employee satisfaction as they are more accountable and in control. The customer has signed the biggest CR in the history of our company – £3.5M. Thank you very much Michael!

Majed Raddadi -Head of Procurement & Facilities, Ma’aden

The Procurement Negotiation Academy program is fenomenal. Lots of practical tools, strategies and techniques that my team can apply from day one. Great trainer with practical knowledge. We finally have strategies to deal with single-source and sole suppliers! Practical negotiation techniques combined with supplier relationship and risk management tools.

Salahuddin Qaseem Muhhamad Alshamaki, Head of Procurement, Saudi Electricity Company

We have investigated a number of training providers and The Procurement Negotiation Academy is by far the best training solution available for Purchasing Teams right now. Michael Zieba has a lot of strategic and tactical knowledge and my team has benefited tremendously from this program. Easy to follow processes and negotiation strategies applicable to direct and indirect sourcing situations. Better stakeholer engagement, cost savings, value for money from transactions and much better risk management.



The Procurement Negotiation Academy program will equip your procurement team with the skills to achieve value for money in all supplier negotiations, drive innovation through deep relatonships with suppliers and internal stakeholders, turn suppliers into cost-cutting allies, and deploy the fit-for-purpose purchasing negotiation strategies and techniques they need to achieve and exceed savings targets.

After attending the Procurement Negotiation Academy, your team will be able to:

  • Complete higher value buys
  • Build strong working relationships with suppliers whilst mitigating risks
  • Drive innovation and source solutions to important business needs
  • Become trusted advisors to the business and optimize the outcomes of all internal negotiations
  • Complete buys quicker by shortening the negotiating cycle
  • Reduce total cost of ownership across the supply chain
  • Engage effectively in strategic and tactical supplier negotiations
  • Realize maximum value from negotiations through fit-for-purpose strategies
  • Secure the best possible pricing while building strong working relationships with suppliers
  • Perform supply market analysis to gain maximum advantage in supplier negotiations
  • Gain leverage and negotiate effectively with single source suppliers
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