The Business Negotiation Academy’s negotiation training programs are borne of the demand to deliver practical and comprehensive negotiation strategies, processes and tools, and develop negotiation skills that produce real business RESULTS:


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It was the best negotiation training I have ever attended.

David W. - Client Business Manager, Vodafone

I have just completed Michael’s negotiation course. Michael made the course very interactive and used a variety of different approaches in his teaching. He is clearly very knowledgeable with regard to negotiation. I used to run internal training courses for several years after receiving extensive training to do so. As a result, I am tough to impress. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained a lot of valuable learning.

Kevin R. - Business Improvement Manager, Network Rail

I attended a sales negotiation course run by Michael and he really knows his stuff. The courses he runs are full on and intensive involving group work, exercises and individual feedback. The skills you gain in such a short period of time are priceless. The knowledge gained from the course has significantly improved my negotiation skills and has ultimately helped increase the company sales revenue. I would highly recommend you speak with Michal to see what he could offer.

Jim V. - Business Manager, Vascutek

I have become more mindful of my preparation and time spent before engaging with internal and external customers. Using negotiation skills and planning, I’ve been able to bring in 3 service orders for work (22 days of work, and >$10,000 in revenue).

Nichole C. - Project Manager, NGA HR

The Negotiation Training & Intervention delivered by Michael Zieba helped tremendously. The meeting with the customer who used to be very aggressive went very well and they very much want to partner with us to make this partnership successful. We executed our negotiation strategy and the customer has signed the biggest CR in the history of our company – £3.5M. Thank you very much!

K.L. - Regional Director , NGA HR