You are about to enter a partnership that will give you a true competitive edge, supported by resources for powerfully improving the results of your sales, purchasing, outsourcing and partnership agreements. For more than 15 years we have worked to compress and condense the best negotiation strategies and tools to help organizations and individuals protect margins and sell more profitably, achieve cost reductions that translate into real cost savings and realize the intended value from their business relationships and transactions. We believe that success in negotiation is not accidental, it is a predictable result created by deliberate methods of planning, preparation, and engaging in negotiations; methods that have become the foundation of the BNA Strategic Negotiation Model, which we have mastered and taught in 35 countries to enable sales and purchasing professionals, executives, business owners, leaders and commercial negotiators develop unparalleled negotiation capabilities….methods, we now want to share with you.


The BNA Advantage is a simple yet powerful system, BNA Strategic Negotiation Model, that focuses on results instead of elusive negotiation tactics. We develop a negotiation capability that enables business professionals to negotiate deals with a focus on both: profitability and good quality relationships. This means improvements in margin, operating profits, the time required to implement new contracts and in the number of contracts that deliver 100% of the anticipated value.

What makes our solutions unique is the depth and quality of the industry knowledge and practical experience embedded within. This means that our experience, skills, and methodologies add real value for Clients by enabling capabilities that truly transform how they negotiate as individuals and organizations.

Decide today to raise your standards and set yourself up to win!

At Business Negotiation Academy, our core competency is to instill within organizations and individuals a world-class negotiation capability that delivers sustainable performance improvements, increases profits and builds strong working relationships. We achieve this by designing and implementing customized and comprehensive solutions that include:

  • Development of an organizational and/or functional negotiation infrastructure
  • Negotiation strategy definition and process design
  • End-to-end negotiation skills training programs especially within the domains of sales, purchasing and strategic business negotiations
  • Coaching and Consulting services
  • Negotiations Centres of Excellence

We advocate a strategic approach to negotiation in which good strategies drive good tactics and results. Our expertise derives from 15 years of practical experience in building a negotiation capability for Fortune 500, FTSE1 00, and small and medium enterprises in 34 countries.

Entrepreneur, Business Negotiator & Peak Performance Strategist

For over a decade, Michael Zieba has built his reputation on one thing only: Results. Throughout the years he has studied negotiation, marketing, NLP, persuasion and social influence, body language, purchasing, and sales, to better understand the forces that shape the business world in general and the way people make decisions specifically.

In this time, Michael has been utilizing the principles gained from all these disciplines – as well as 15 years’ of his practical experience of working with more than 6000 business professionals – to help organizations and individuals develop and retain an unparalleled negotiation capability. Over the last fifteen years, Michael has researched and field-tested almost all negotiation techniques and strategies commonly used in the enterprise and SME market and is a creator of the BNA Strategic Negotiation Model – a process-driven negotiation methodology that gives our Clients a unique advantage.

Michael is recognized as a leading expert on business negotiation skills development and has worked in 35 countries, with some of the largest blue-chip organizations that include but are not limited to NGA HR, Vodafone, Network Rail, GKN Driveline, DHL, Nycomed Holdings, Adidas, Masterfoods, TomTom, Qatar Foundation, Saudi Electricity Company, and many others alike. He has designed and delivered high calibre solutions to professional buyers, sales force and executive negotiators, helping them to immediately improve their negotiated outcomes, improve and protect margins, reduce costs, shorten negotiation cycles, and realise the intended value of long-term, high-stakes agreements by sharing some of the most advanced negotiation strategies, techniques, and tools.

For the past fifteen years, Michael has served as an advisor to hundreds of sales, purchasing and executive negotiators around the world. A recognized expert in the area of business negotiation, the art of persuasion, and peak performance, he has been instrumental in helping organizations and individuals transform their business results. He is currently undertaking Executive Doctoral Studies (DBA) in the field of organizational negotiation capability.

You can spend many years trying to gain the knowledge, understand the strategies and the practical application of negotiation techniques in various business contexts, or…you can gain the same proven advantage by inviting Michael to help you permanently transform your business and results.


It was the best negotiation training I have ever attended.

David Wardell - Client Business Manager, Vodafone

I have just completed Michael’s negotiation course. Michael made the course very interactive and used a variety of different approaches in his teaching. He is clearly very knowledgeable with regard to negotiation. I used to run internal training courses for several years after receiving extensive training to do so. As a result, I am tough to impress. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained a lot of valuable learning.

Kevin Rayment - Business Improvement Manager, Network Rail

I attended a sales negotiation course run by Michael and he really knows his stuff. The courses he runs are full on and intensive involving group work, exercises and individual feedback. The skills you gain in such a short period of time are priceless. The knowledge gained from the course has significantly improved my negotiation skills and has ultimately helped increase the company sales revenue. I would highly recommend you speak with Michal to see what he could offer.

Jim Veitch. - Business Manager, Vascutek

I have become more mindful of my preparation and time spent before engaging with internal and external customers. Using negotiation skills and planning, I’ve been able to bring in 3 service orders for work (22 days of work, and >$10,000 in revenue).

Nichole Cunha - Project Manager, NGA HR

The Negotiation Training & Intervention delivered by Michael Zieba helped tremendously. The meeting with the customer who used to be very aggressive went very well and they very much want to partner with us to make this partnership successful. We executed our negotiation strategy and the customer has signed the biggest CR in the history of our company – £3.5M. Thank you very much!

K.L. - Regional Director , NGA HR