The Price Negotiation Playbook (ebook) has been created for business leaders, salespeople, business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business profitably. There are three building blocks of successful, value-based price negotiations: Value Proposition, Qualification & Information Gathering, and Smart Negotiating Skills. The Price Negotiation Playbook is a practical street-wise toolkit for anyone who wants to sell at higher prices, effectively respond to price objections, protect margins and close deals at full price.

You are getting over 70 pages of scripts, techniques and strategies to help you leverage and master:

  • Your Unique Value Proposition and Value Messaging – your Unique Value Proposition Audit, USP Impact, Know What to Pitch to Whom, Your FBPQ Value Proposition Template
  • Qualification and Information Gathering – Opportunity Assessment, 19 x High Impact Situation Questions, 53 x Business Needs, Pain and Pain Chain Questions incl. Personal Objectives, Seriousness, Steps Taken, Ability, and Willingness Questions, 21 x Budget Discovery Questions, 30 x Decision Process and Criteria Questions, 8 x Competition Questions, 12 x Timeframe Questions, 28 x Conversational Solutioning Statements and Questions, 5 x Next Steps and Conclusion/Commitment Questions, 69 x Connecting Questions and Softening Statements
  • Price Negotiation Techniques – The Flinch, Cherry Picking, Negotiation Countermeasures, Winning Price Negotiation with Multiple Equal Offers, Bracketing a Proposal, Bracketing for Budgets, Bracketing: The Triplicate of Choice, Trading Strategies and Bargaining Models, The Vice
  • Strategies and Techniques for Crushing Price Objections – Eliminating and Handling Price Objections, Up-front Contracts Formulas, A 5-Step Strategy for Handling Any Objections, 17 x Discounting Countermeasures to The Hot Potato, 63 x Discounting Countermeasures to ‘Your Price is Too High’,  30 x Discounting Countermeasures to ‘I can get it cheaper from your competitor’, 2 x Discounting Countermeasures to Nibbling, 29 x Scripts for dealing with:
    • ‘I want to think about it’
    • ‘I need to talk to my boss’

If you’re facing price and commoditization pressures, you need skills, and simple yet effective processes and tools to shape and deliver compelling value messages and steer your sales conversations away from the price of your products to the value of your solutions. 

When people discount, they discount because they really don’t know how to sell the value of their products or services,  they do not know the right questions to ask to build value and they don’t know how to counter price pressure and negotiation tactics.

Your profits are based on how well you and your team engage in price negotiations. Period. You can ignore this fact or you can read this e-book cover to cover and make sure you increase revenues and boost your bottom-line.



Shift your Focus to Margin Improvement, Sell at Prices Higher than Your Competitors and Increase Revenues by Competing and Negotiating on Value, not Price.

One of the toughest challenges that salespeople and business leaders face today is how to compete against lower-priced competitors. How you deal with price and commoditization pressures will determine, over time, whether your business thrives or goes under. Although the outcome of a single sales (price) negotiation may not make a significant impact on a business’s fortune, the tens or hundreds of customer negotiations a typical company undertakes in a financial year have, in combination, an enormous impact on its strategy, operating profits and revenue targets.

An average of 1% price discount may decrease your operating profits by 8%-11%

Nothing will drop profits through the floor faster than letting price slip down a percentage point or two. To be successful, sales teams require skills and an effective real-time process to: maximize the value they create as they sell, capture that value in a deal and beyond, avoid costly concessions in the sales process, and effectively manage price and competitive pressures from customers.