Successful organizations understand that negotiation skills play a fundamental role in the achievement of organizational goals and the optimization of key resources that drive results. The fact is: you cannot decide whether or not you want to negotiate, the only thing you can decide is how well you are going to negotiate to achieve your business objectives, revenue targets and cost savings.

If your goal is to improve sales or sourcing results, retain the competitive advantage or achieve financial targets, you are in the right place. Our Negotiation Skills Programs and the BNA Strategic Negotiation Model are not about creating an elusive or vague wish list – it’s a straightforward and a strategic set of negotiation preparation tools, strategies, and techniques that work.

Our significant experience and a deep understanding of business in a global environment form the platform for all our negotiation training programs. We draw upon the results of our own experience and the research done by leading academic institutions around the globe to develop solutions that are highly relevant and effective within the business environment.

We have assisted clients in most major industries, in 35 countries, to create world-class negotiation capabilities through the deployment of our unique negotiation methodology – especially within the domains of Sales, Purchasing and Executive business negotiations. Our negotiation workshops can be presented as a program to your company across critical business functions or delivered to specific departments, such as sales, purchasing, finance, operations, or senior management.



The BNA Advanced Negotiation Programme (ANP) is aimed at individuals and teams who want to be ahead of the game and gain a true competitive advantage in the marketplace. ANP is more than a training – it’s a system designed to boost your negotiation performance, and:

  • TRANSFORM the way you interact with others through cutting-edge negotiation, communication and persuasion techniques and strategies
  • ADOPT a strategic and consistent approach to negotiating to achieve business and personal goals
  • LEARN to use the world’s most advanced negotiation strategies, tactics, and techniques to improve your confidence, protect your cash flow, increase your income, save time and money and build strong, sustainable relationships
  • GAIN profits you know are there but for some reason, your competitors enjoy them more than you do
  • AVOID the 3 costly mistakes that only a few professional negotiators are aware of
  • SUSTAIN your competitive advantage by gaining access to tools, templates, and scripts for effective negotiation preparation and engagement

We promise an experience that will not only stretch you, but that will be more empowering than you have ever imagined possible. We don’t pretend that our Advanced Negotiation Program will be effortless, but it will be extraordinarily rewarding. It will develop your negotiation skills to a level most people never experience.


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The BNA Negotiation Master Class Programme is our premier negotiation program, the best of the best. It is the merging of nearly two decades of Michael Zieba’s study and mastery of the behavioral psychology, deal-making, negotiations, game theory, peak performance, and persuasion.

The BNA Negotiation Master Class Programme has been designed to cater to the needs of those business negotiators who have been through previous negotiation training and have had many years of business negotiation experience. It has been specifically designed to empower experienced negotiators with:

  1. A platform upon which to refine their existing level of negotiation skills
  2. The decision support tools to manage complex, high-value transactions
  3. Benchmarked, highly detailed and intensive personal feedback on negotiation style, approach, and behavior
  4. Tools, templates, and strategies for managing long-term, strategic relationships to maximize value

Additionally, after completing the BNA Negotiation Master Class Programme, participants are able to:

  1. Act as coach to other business negotiators.
  2. Effectively lead teams involved in complex, high-value commercial transactions.

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Although the outcome of a single sales negotiation may not have a significant impact on your company’s revenue figures, the cumulative effect of the thousands of negotiations your sales resources undertake every year will have an enormous impact on the company’s strategy, cash flow, and its profitability.

  • How much money could your company be making, but it doesn’t, as a result of excessive discounting?
  • Are you fighting to maintain or increase your profits in a competitive market?
  • Do you need to defend your current pricing levels in the face of ever-increasing demands from professional buyers?
  • Do you need to move away from negotiating price to negotiating value?
  • Are you capturing the total contract value that you’ve worked so hard to create?
  • Do you think that your team is over-using discounting as a means to gain customer commitment? (an average of 1% price discount may decrease your operating profits by 11%)
  • Do you need an effective negotiation strategy to negotiate with different buyers (from commodity buyers to CFOs)?

Equip your team with effective processes, tools, and skills to deploy the specific sales negotiation strategies, tactics and techniques they need to capture high margins and achieve and exceed their sales targets.

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The goal of most supplier negotiations today is no longer just to get the lowest price. In today’s profit-oriented business environment, successful supplier negotiations are critical to implementing cost containment and profit improvement plans.

  • Are you tasked with increasing savings against the sourcing budget?
  • Has your sourcing budget been cut?
  • Are you struggling in your negotiations with powerful suppliers?
  • Are you struggling to ensure that price/cost reductions are reflected as actual cost savings?
  • Do all your supplier contracts deliver the value your organization needs and expects?

The traditional adversarial approach to supplier negotiation no longer works. Equip your purchasing team with the skills to achieve value for money in all their supplier negotiations, maximize the value of their supplier relationships and deploy the specific purchasing negotiation strategies, tactics, and techniques they need to achieve and exceed their savings targets.

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Empower your team with an elite level negotiation capability ensuring high risk, complex and cross-cultural negotiations are managed effectively through harnessing best and leading business negotiation practices. Enable your strategic resources to maximize, secure and deliver the intended value of their contracts, by implementing a negotiation methodology that is focused on the entire lifecycle of interactions between parties to a negotiation, rather than just on closing a deal that looks fantastic…..on paper, only.

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