Michael Zieba
Michael ZiebaFounder & CEO
Entrepreneur, Business Negotiator & Peak Performance Strategist
For over a decade, Michael Zieba has built his reputation on one thing only: Results. Throughout the years he has studied negotiation, marketing, NLP, body language purchasing, and sales, to better understand the forces that shape the business world in general and the way people make decisions specifically.

In this time, Michael has been utilizing the principles gained from all these disciplines – as well as 10 years’ of his practical experience – to help organizations and individuals develop and retain an unparalleled negotiation capability. Over the last ten years, Michael has researched and tested almost all negotiation techniques and strategies commonly used in the enterprise and SME market.

Michael is recognized as a leading expert on business negotiation skills development and has worked in 35 countries, with some of the largest blue-chip organizations that include but are not limited to NGA HR, Vodafone, Network Rail, GKN Driveline, DHL, Nycomed Holdings, Adidas, Masterfoods, TomTom, Qatar Foundation and many others alike. He has designed and delivered high calibre solutions to professional buyers, sales force and executive negotiators, helping them to gain confidence and immediately improve their negotiated outcomes, improve and protect margins, reduce costs in the short- and long-term, shorten negotiation cycles, and realise the intended value of agreements over time by teaching some of the most advanced negotiation strategies, techniques, and tools.

For the past fourteen years, Michael has served as an advisor to hundreds of sales, purchasing and executive negotiators around the world. A recognized expert in the area of business negotiation, the art of persuasion, and peak performance, he has been instrumental in helping organizations and individuals transform their business results.

You can spend many years trying to gain the knowledge, understand the strategies and the practical application of negotiation techniques in various business contexts, or…you can gain the same proven advantage by inviting Michael to help you permanently transform your business and results.